Territorio Salvaje

Territorio Salvaje is a new line of wines created in Territorio Luthier to show the wildest side of the winery, also the most fun and anarchic. While Territorio Luthier is elegance, finesse, delicacy, and looking for the essence of classic wines, Territorio Salvaje can be anything, it does not follow any line and does not conform to rules, they are unique wines that have been made for a special reason, looking for the wine to capture the essence of a vineyard, a winemaking process or just a fun experiment.

Many times they are wines outside the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin, and others are simply something unrepeatable fruit of the winemaker’s curiosity or to see what comes out. In our winery we do a lot of experiments, our winemaker is very curious and in the world of wine you have to learn, and in some cases these experiments have turned out fantastic, so we decided to share them.

Territorio Salvaje also gives us the possibility to play with wine, making wine in Territorio Luthier is a passion and a way of life, and sometimes it is good to break the rules and explore to surprise ourselves and our friends.

These are super limited runs, only for members of our CLUB. They are sold through the Club or at the winery.

We have unique numbered editions, we start with 101 and we will get to 1 (we have started at the back because we are only going to make 101 wild ones) and wines that we will make on a regular basis because they have been a success, such as the ancestral sparkling wines.

Unique editions, Salvaje collection

Each wine is unique and unrepeatable and has its own history. We released the first edition as a trilogy, like Star Wars:

We started in 2018 to practice in the elaboration of ancestral sparkling wines, and we have been marketing them since 2021. We decided to incorporate them into the winery’s portfolio and make them every year because they have become one of our most popular products for our summer terrace. See more