101 – Veo todo en Blanco y Negro 2020

101-VEO TODO B-N_territorio salvaje

50% white grapes and 50% red grapes, made as a red wine. 1010 bottles.

It comes from a very special vineyard located in Langa (Soria) at 900 m altitude. This is one of the vineyards that has had the greatest impact on us, about 150 years old, planted on ungrafted vines, with 50% white varieties and 50% red varieties, tempranillo, garnacha, bobal, albillo, viura, malvasia, pirules, etc. The most striking thing is the soil, it is like pebbles, gravel, very small pebbles, and there is no soil up to about 30 cm deep, which makes us think that to plant they had to make a hole, remove the stones, plant and fill again.

We had already elaborated this vineyard separately the white and red varieties, and in 2020 we decided to vinify everything together as if it were a red wine. In this special way this wine was born to maintain the concept of how this vineyard is planted, 50% white and 50% red.

The structure and power of the red combines with the freshness, florality, elegance and delicacy of the white, the result is brutal. We did long malolactic fermentation in 5 barrels with batonage for 7 months. High-end barrels: Richelie, Canton Gran Cru, Ameline, Adour, mostly French oak. High toasting so that the wood would envelop the wine, which has a lot of white grapes, but we do not want barrel impact, we want texture and aroma. Then it was aged in tank for a year and bottled.

It is a very different wine, combining the power and structure of a red with the freshness of a white. When you taste it, it surprises, nobody knows it is Ribera. But it is also part of our philosophy of listening to old vines, in particular this vineyard and this winemaker who decided to plant in this way, in this special and unusual terroir.