Club Territorio Luthier


Club Territorio Luthier

Club Territorio Luthier

Do you want to BE LUTHIER?

Fill in the form and we will inform you on how to benefit from all the advantages:



Leave us your contact information and from this moment you will have access to information about private sales and exclusive events of TERRITORIO LUTHIER.



Twice a year, spring and autumn, we will make a selection of exclusive wines at “member price” (20% discount) and we will inform you to confirm your shipment.



Together with the wine you will receive an invitation to visit the winery with tasting for two people and a 15% discount coupon for our online store. And there are many more advantages!



Being a member of the club has no cost or permanence. When you no longer wish to enjoy the benefits, all you have to do is refuse the next shipment of wine.

This is not a club to join… This is a club to BE…

BE a lover of unique, elegant and natural wines, made with care and patience…

BE a lover of enjoyment and good company


Belonging to our Club you will be part of our winery and you will enjoy Territorio Luthier and the wines we make as much as we do.

Only by belonging to our LUTHIER Club you will have exclusive access to our most special wines.

Limited Editions – Purchase quota of special editions of our wines in private sales at a discount.

Territorio Salvaje – The most unique Territorio Luthier wines of which we make very few bottles and that will never go on sale.

Premier Wines – Preferential purchase of new vintages and high demand wines before anyone else and at irresistible prices.

Invitations to visits and events at the winery

If you know us in person, you know how we are…
If you don’t know us, you should know that, for our friends, our doors and bottles are always open to have a good time in good company.

The meals in our winery that end in the wee hours of the morning and the conversations over a glass that always inspire, heal and brighten the soul are mythical.

To become a member of the club and benefit from all the advantages you only have to buy one of the special lots and provide us with your shipping and billing information.

If you want to give it as a gift or tell us something, write us to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Two exclusive shipments per year with wines only for members, which are not on the market, premier sales of new vintages, limited editions.
  • Special offers on each shipment.
  • Preferential purchase quota for the most demanded wines.
  • 10% 15% discount in 2022 on wine purchases throughout the year in the online store.
  • Can be used as a gift.
  • Free shipping on all orders over 60 euros.
  • Preferential invitation to the winery’s exclusive events. Including the terrace opening party and the harvest party. You are always welcome as friends in our winery.
  • Free visit to the winery for 2 people, and 20% discount on the visit for the rest of the group. The tickets for the visit will be sent with the wine and by email.
  • Discount on the visit and tasting at Bodega Don Carlos in Aranda de Duero, a medieval subway winery from the 15th century.
  • Personalized attention from our sommelier, who can advise you on pairings, purchasing, etc.
  • Assistance from our Ribera del Duero expert when preparing your trip.
  • No permanence, you can leave the club whenever you want.

PREMIUM level benefits, the above plus

  • 15% discount on wine purchases
  • Private visit to the winery with premium tasting for 2 people, reserved place and 20% discount on the visit for the rest of the group.
  • Exclusive lunch option at the winery.
  • 50% discount on 4×4 tour and lunch with the winemaker.
  • Private access to the secret room of the medieval subway cellar Don Carlos in Aranda de Duero.
  • Assistance from our Ribera del Duero expert when preparing your trip, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, other wineries, etc. Concierge service.
  • Why join our club?
    • To be a Luthier is to be one of us and to be able to enjoy our wines and cellar in a closer and more personal way.
    • You will receive at your home our wine selection that includes the most exclusive wines from our cellar, the ones we reserve only for family and friends.
    • You will always have your favorite wines at home, with a considerable saving by applying our special “friend price” rate.
    • You will not have to worry about choosing or ordering because we do it for you.
    • You will visit Ribera del Duero as if you were visiting a friend.
    • You will have privileged access to the best events and parties. Have you already been to one of them at our winery? If you want we will tell you about it…
  • Can I reorder the wines I like the most?
    • Some more exclusive wines will be subject to quota and availability. The rest of the wines can be purchased in the online store with the club member discount.
  • What is included?
    • Depending on the lot you choose, your subscription will include 3/6 exclusive wines, shipped directly to your home twice a year. In your shipment, you will also find information about the wines through tasting notes and wine pairings.
    • With this you will keep your subscription until the next shipment.
    • Do you have any questions about any of the wines or a visit to Ribera del Duero?

Call us and we will be happy to guide you.
Is shipping included?
For orders over 60 euros
Is there a cancellation process?
No. Being a member of the Club is free of charge. Every time a shipment is ready, we will contact you to accept the shipment. If you are not interested in the lot we offer you can continue to belong to the club by making purchases in the online store of equivalent amount.
Still have questions?
You can contact us and we will answer you