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WebThe BLANKET CLIP leaves a “blanket' of hair on the back, which keeps the topline warm and the legs protected but removes hair in sweat-prone areas. This is a great choice for horses who receive regular exercise and also spend time turned out.

WebOct 15, 2023 · Type of horse clip: blanket clip. A blanket clip leaves a blanket of long coat covering the horse’s back to provide warmth and protection from the weather, while removing enough hair from the rest of the horse’s body to ensure efficient cooling during and after hard exercise.

WebBlanket clip. With a blanket clip, the majority of the horse’s body coat is removed apart from a region consisting of the upper hind quarters, rump, and saddle area, which aren’t as prone to sweating. Some versions of this clip completely trim the head, but many choose to leave the top section for warmth, like in the high trace clip. The ...

WebOct 3, 2007 · The blanket clip removes all hair from his body, except for a square patch along his back, loins and croup much like that of a quarter sheet. The line of the blanket clip should reach the bottom of your saddle flap. You’ll need to blanket this clip as you would the horse with a full body clip.

WebOct 17, 2023 · Blanket clip. Workload: Medium. What it involves: Hair is left on the horse’s legs, as is the area where an exercise sheet would be. These are both areas that aren’t prone to sweating and...

WebOct 28, 2011 · Horses & Helpful Stuff. 7.17K subscribers. 165. 42K views 11 years ago. Hazel of Billow Farm demonstrates how to clip your horse with a Blanket Clip. Video produced by Chris Atkin (...

WebMar 18, 2024 · Clipping Horses. Benefits. Schedule. Types. Preparation. How To. Safety. After Care. Blanketing. Clipping a horse’s coat is often messy, time-consuming, and stressful for horses and humans alike. But with the right approach and careful planning, clipping your horse doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore.

Web28/08/2023 Suzanne Ashton. Here, we examine the different types of horse clips you may consider when clipping. Although there are many variations and adaptations, this list is a good go-to guide for you to keep on hand. Is your horse ready for his first clip of the winter? Is he starting to look a bit woolly?

WebNov 12, 2017 · 7.06K subscribers. Subscribed. 186. 18K views 6 years ago. Following on from How To Clip A Horse Part One where we finished with a High Trace Clip, I show you how to clip your horse with...

WebMay 5, 2022 · The blanket clip is ideal for horses in regular medium work and low-level competitions. This clip allows hard-working horses to cool down fast, while still keeping them warm in key areas. The purpose of the clip is to remove hair from all areas that are prone to sweating. This leaves a blanket-shaped square on the horse’s back, hence the …

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